Bubi_04.jpg Bubi_03.jpg Bubi_02.jpg
New version, complete and with remote control. Controls via Arduino MEGA (T5 + NRF24L01) interface. Screen controls (eyes) via micro: bit interface and speech synthesis via Arduino UNO interface. Other upgrades or combinations are possible. Video link:
Meca_Car-4.jpg Meca_Car-3.jpg Meca_Car-2.jpg
All-wheel drive via XS motor and gearbox. The model uses a Mecanum version of the wheels that must be mounted in a specific way so that the vehicle can move in all directions. The vehicle can be operated via any interface (micro: bit, Arduino or Raspberry). Konstrukcija modela je vrlo jednostavna.
XM65DW_prijenosi.jpg XM65DW-3.jpg XM65DW-2.jpg
The vehicle is powered by two XM engines. The first model via a worm screw on 20-tooth gears and therefore the model has a stronger transmission but low speed. The model can have two speeds. The second model has a 10:30 gear transmission, and the third model has a 10:20 gear transmission. All three models are part of the "Car XM65DW" set. Any interface (TXT, Arduino, Raspberry or micro: bit) can be used to control the model.
EKSPLORER_vozilo004.jpg EKSPLORER_vozilo003.jpg EKSPLORER_vozilo002.jpg
We are finishing the most complex vehicle we have designed so far, and it can be used to explore the environment. It can use one USB camera or a stereo (two synchronized cameras) USB camera for online video viewing. Stereo images can be monitored via 3D glasses. Vehicle control can be via a website with simultaneous video viewing or via a manual controller (NRF24L01). The controls allow you to control the vehicle and the movement of the camera. The Arduino Mega (Mega F5) is used for vehicle control, and the Raspberry Pi 3B is used for video link and internet control (Pi T5). The vehicle can be powered by four batteries (1800mAh) or connected via an adapter (9V 5A). The vehicle can use two types of wheels, the standard 80mm fischertechnik or our new 100mm (as in the pictures).
Robo_Car_Mbit_03.jpg Robo_Car_Mbit_02.jpg
We made a vehicle for a competition in robotic rescue (RESCUE). The vehicle can be operated via a micro: bit computer (V1 or V2). All necessary sensors (Ultrasonic, IR, Color) can be mounted on the vehicle. The vehicle has movable rear wheels for easier cornering. By changing the carrier, you can easily replace the control interface with another interface (Arduino, Raspberry Pi).
Pro_coding1.jpg Pro_coding2.jpg Txt40.jpg
New TXT 4.0 interface and new RoboPro Coding program. The program can be downloaded via the link below. Open the ROBOTICS group and select the operating system version.
New_Omni80_3.jpg New_Omni80_2.jpg
For larger models, we made larger wheels (80 mm) with rollers coated with silicone covers. The wheels are standardly mounted on a 4mm shaft via a clamping butterfly nut.
New_Omni_4.jpg New_Omni_3.jpg New_Omni_2.jpg
A new ROBOTIC SET is under construction with a vehicle model that supports control via any of our interfaces (micro: bit, Arduino, Raspberry). The vehicle has all-wheel drive and can move in all directions with the help of Omni wheels. Mount the interface to the model via the X holder.
microbit_n_2.jpg microbit_n_1.jpg
For the simplest possible installation of the IO F5 / T5 interface, we made an X bracket. Installation is possible in two ways. The mounting method can be seen in the attached pictures. You can order the holder via the catalog (micro: bit) or download the file via the link below and print it yourself.
Conv03.jpg Conv02.jpg
OpenPLC - a slightly "serious" project. Conveyor control with two machining points. Example with Arduino UNO and UNO-F5 interface. PROGRAM SAMPLE in programming school Arduino - OpenPLC (LINK).
VR-04.jpg VR-03.jpg VR-02.jpg
VR with LED control. We use VR glasses for the cell phone seen in the video example. The other cell phone is for LED control. Complete input-output control and streaming goes via the Raspberry Pi 3B and Pi-F5 interface. Two USB cameras are for receiving stereo images.
Monster Car_Basic.jpg
Monster_Car_microbit.jpg Monster_Car_Mega.jpg Monster_Car_Raspberry.jpg
New vehicle model In our offer. It is possible to control it via any interface from our offer (micro: bit, Arduino or Raspberry). Upgrade type and number of sensors according to interface capabilities. Power supply via battery 35537 - (8.4V 1800 mAh).
Open_PLC_3.jpg Open_PLC_2.jpg
You can use OpenPLC to control the Arduino and Raspberry interfaces with all of our shields (F5 and T5). We prepare program examples for easier start, with custom firmware for all three interfaces (Arduino UNO / Mega and Raspberry) The video with a program example for UNO can be seen on our facbook profile. You can download the program, description of the setup and the required firmware for Arduino Uno + Uno-F5 via the link.
Pi-T5_B.jpg Pi-T5_A.jpg Pi-T5.jpg
A new Pi-T5 interface, a version with terminals, will be on sale soon. Technical specification same as for Pi-F5 interface.