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New vehicle model In our offer. It is possible to control it via any interface from our offer (micro: bit, Arduino or Raspberry). Upgrade type and number of sensors according to interface capabilities. Power supply via battery 35537 - (8.4V 1800 mAh).
Open_PLC_3.jpg Open_PLC_2.jpg
You can use OpenPLC to control the Arduino and Raspberry interfaces with all of our shields (F5 and T5). We prepare program examples for easier start, with custom firmware for all three interfaces (Arduino UNO / Mega and Raspberry) The video with a program example for UNO can be seen on our facbook profile. You can download the program, description of the setup and the required firmware for Arduino Uno + Uno-F5 via the link.
Pi-T5_B.jpg Pi-T5_A.jpg Pi-T5.jpg
A new Pi-T5 interface, a version with terminals, will be on sale soon. Technical specification same as for Pi-F5 interface.
MMega-T5.jpg UUno-T5.jpg
New Uno-T5 and Mega-T5 interfaces with terminals on sale soon. The technical specification remains the same as for the Uno-F5 and Mega-F5 interfaces.
We offer you the opportunity to pre-order our new products, at lower prices, which are in development or before the start of production. We hope that this way of offering will be acceptable to you, and it will help us in developing new products. For starters, we offer you the option of pre-ordering a product that is nearing completion - micro: bit AD-BW. You can find much more detailed information on the link or under NEW projects.
We will soon finish developing the software for the BW version. In addition to the standard functions, it will be possible to easily create a platform, or a game like a maze. Micro:bit programming via Python or Blocks programming language. In addition to the standard keys A and B, touch sensors P1 and P2 can be used to control the movement in the game.
Pi_nosac_z.jpg Pi_nosac_a.jpg pi_nosaci_2.jpg
We have completed the holders construction for all Raspberry Pi versions (Zero, A and B). All versions will be available for download on the Download / Help page, or can be ordered through the catalog.
Arduino_nosac_v2.jpg Pi_nosac_v2.jpg
Holders version 2 for Arduino UNO or MEGA, and Raspberry PI 3B and 3B+. Files to print on a 3D printer can be downloaded from the link page.
Quad_S_03.jpg Quad_S_02.jpg
Model with all-wheel drive. The wheels are OMNI and allow the vehicle to move in all directions.
The vehicle has 80 wheels and uses an encoder or XM motors for propulsion. The rear pair of wheels is movable so the vehicle can turn in a small arc with ease. The model shown is controlled wirelessly (NRF24L01). The control interface for the vehicle is Arduino UNO + Uno-F5 + NRF24L01, and the remote control is also Arduino UNO + Uno-F5 + NRF24L01.