OpenPLC for Arduino Uno/Mega
1. Setup instructions for OpenPLC Runtime
2. Traffic lights
3. Conveyor belt with two processing points

Setup instructions for OpenPLC RuntimeTOP

Instructions with settings for OpenPLC runtime in accordance with Uno-F5 (T5) and Mega-F5 (T5) adapters. The firmware that needs to be copied to the Uno or Mega interface can be downloaded via the link below (18Kb). In addition to the firmware, there is a test program for all inputs and outputs via LEDs and switches. At the end of the instructions, we have added tables of locations (addresses) for all inputs and outputs.
( 1.1 Mb )

Traffic lightsTOP
Example of light control on a traffic lights model. An example is for the Arduino UNO and Uno-F5 shield. For Arduino Mega and Mega-F5 you need to change the output addresses according to the setup instructions.

Conveyor belt with two processing pointsTOP
Conveyor belt with two processing points. Control via Arduino UNO and UNO-F5 interfaces. For Arduino Mega - F5 it is necessary to change addresses.